About LDNS.com

LDNS.com is a free DNS lookup and domain research tool.

  • Live DNS lookups
  • Live Domain Name WHOIS / RDAP lookups
  • DNS endpoint selection
  • Domain email information (coming)
  • Domain server information (coming)
  • Record deeplinking (coming)
  • Domain security information (coming)

Why build another DNS lookup tool?

There are a lot of ways to make DNS lookups. You could just use curl or nslookup and move on with your life.


Access and ease of use

A short url I could just append a domain to => LDNS.com with the ability to query right in the URL.

You can make direct queries by using /eff.org

You can select an endpoint using the form or the ep flag.

Examples: /eff.org?ep=google or /eff.org?ep=cloudflare


LDNS lightweight and everything happens client side, making it highly cachable. Last I checked the whole app is less than 50kb (compressed).


You can deep link to a specific record for a specific domain by appending the record type.

Examples: /eff.org#TXT or a specific record from a specific endpoint using: /eff.org?ep=google#A


DoH over JSON -> Currently this app only supports Google and Cloudflare DNS-Over-HTTPs JSON endpoints. If you'd like to see another added let me know.

Why not use an 255/ANY DNS queries? RFC8482

I built this primarily for my own use. If you find a bug or would like to see a record type or feature added, please drop me a DM, I'd love to hear how you are using LDNS.com or how you broke it.

Thanks for dropping by.